When Thai shrimp culture emerged in the nineties, the Loykulnanta family decided to leave their poultry feed business and enter into a new venture: shrimp farming. While numerous farms were wiped out by the sudden spread of pathogens, the Loykulnanta family managed to overcome the initial hurdles, acquire struggling farms around them and grow into a solid company. Today the Bansaingurn company is one of the leading shrimp producers in Songkhla province in the South of Thailand.

The perseverance to try again and again

By pulling together as a family, by embracing a learning curve and by daring to try again after a failed crop, the family managed to lay the foundations of the successful company they are today. A particular strength has always been Bansaingurn’s openness to adopting new and improved ways of working. Up to this day farm management continuously tries and evaluates different methods and techniques such as lined vs earthen ponds. Recently Bansaingurn has implemented a nursery stage on one of their farm sites, a method that is strongly propagated by INVE Aquaculture specialists as a way to gain more microbial control.