21 December 2021

INVE Aquaculture launches first ever Rotifer substitution diet

Rotifers are the first feed for most marine fish species currently cultured around the globe. Although many hatcheries have mastered the art of rotifer culture, it remains an important but variable parameter in achieving predictable larval rearing results with regards to quality and survival. To counteract this variability, marine hatcheries need to innovate and standardize […]

09 November 2021

Belgium and its technological innovations in Aquaculture

Ever since being founded back in 1983 in Belgium, INVE Aquaculture has always been a pioneer in the aquaculture industry. Today, we have the opportunity to collaborate with the Belgian Embassy to Ecuador, Perú and Bolivia and present to you, together with Ostend Science Park and Bluebridge, the new “Blue Economy” – in Spanish!   […]

09 November 2021

FRiPPAK wins the ‘Favorite Aquatic Feed 2021 Award’ in China

Advanced science and technology bring added value to the aquaculture industry On October 10th, the Kunpeng Forum, the 4th China Aquatic Feed Development Forum 2021, opened at the Qingdao Haitian Hotel. The conference brings together the latest applied technology in high-value aquaculture feed to promote the sustainable development of the aquaculture feed industry. The conference […]

07 October 2021

Achieve the unthinkable with the revolutionary rotifer substitution feedline

Finally, great news for marine fish hatcheries: Reduce live rotifer diets by at least 50% with Natura pRo and ExL We proudly introduce Natura pRo and ExL: the revolutionary feedline and protocol, substituting rotifers seamlessly. Until now, hatcheries had to use rotifers, which resulted in high operational costs and efforts, variable quality, and insecure results. […]

10 August 2021

Interview with Alex Elghoul – Aquatropical SA, Ecuador

Benchmark insights Vol.2 – Welfare in aquaculture: drivers, trends and best practice Through a series of interviews, this new edition brings together scientists, academics, producers and investors to talk about how views on animal welfare have evolved in aquaculture and in our society, and the impact this is having in the industry. Alex Elghoul, owner […]

04 August 2021

INVE Aquaculture strengthens its global presence

INVE Aquaculture, a Benchmark company, is pleased to announce the appointment of two new commercial managers members to support it’s global growth. Hector Xavier Valdez based in Ecuador and Manuel Zazueta based in Mexico will take the lead for these important markets for INVE Hector Xavier (left) and Manuel Zazueta (right)   Our new members […]

31 March 2021

INVE Aquaculture uncovers Artemia in a brand new knowledge hub

Specialist knowledge about aquaculture’s key live feed, Artemia, can now be found in one place online, without registration and free of charge. INVE Aquaculture, part of Benchmark, today launched a new web-based service dedicated to the sharing of information and expertise about the most widely used live feed in the aquaculture sector, Artemia. Now live […]

05 March 2021

New research in microbial management reveals potential for improvements in farming efficiency

New research in microbial management reveals potential for improvements in farming efficiency The development of effective microbial management strategies to reduce disease outbreaks in aquaculture is often hindered by limited knowledge of the microbiology in fish and shrimp farms. New research published by the Center for Microbial Ecology and Technology (CMET, Ghent University) in collaboration […]

16 July 2020

New Artemia SEP-Art Tools

SEP-Art Tools: New Artemia innovation drives efficiency in shrimp and fish hatcheries New tools launched by INVE Aquaculture – part of Benchmark – provides farmers with the best tools to drive efficiency in hatcheries. The SEP-Art Tools are a sustainable solution designed to maintain quality nauplii, reduce losses and ensure safety for workers and the environment. […]

26 March 2020

COVID-19: Message to Customers

Dear Customer, I mean it when I say I hope this message finds you well. This is a busy, unsettling and unprecedented time for us all and I wish you and your families, your employees and businesses the very best of health through this challenging period. Together, we are playing a part in feeding the […]