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INVE Aquaculture is proud to announce a distribution agreement with Manit Farm to supply its Tilapia products in Thailand. This collaboration is built on the synergy between Manit Farm’s portfolio of high quality Tilapia fry and grow-out feeds, and INVE Aquaculture’s expertise in biosecurity and microbial management products for healthy Tilapia culture.

Global production of tilapia is expected to reach 6 million tonnes in 2018 and, according to the Thai Department of Fisheries, 197,00 tonnes of this will be produced in Thailand. Thanks to the comparatively low cost and the relative ease of producing tilapia, the sector is seen as an important source of protein to feed a growing human population. Both INVE Aquaculture and Manit Farm are committed to promoting aquaculture in Thailand.

“We believe in market synergies among complementary competences

and we care for the sustainable growth of the tilapia market in Thailand.”



The agreement will increase the market penetration for INVE Aquaculture’s tilapia products in the Thai market, by capitalizing on Manit Farm’s existing distribution and services network, which already counts more than 1,000 tilapia farmers across the country as customers.