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Sustainably sourced ingredients


Consumer consciousness around the origins and sustainability of raw materials used to manufacture compound feed for aquaculture and livestock is growing. Sustainably sourced ingredients are essential in the quest for more environmentally responsible aquaculture practices. They not only reduce the industry’s impact on marine ecosystems but also offer economic and efficiency benefits. The use of sustainably sourced ingredients has a profound positive impact on our planet, our communities, and our well-being.


As of 2013, INVE is Global G.A.P. certified. This standard requires responsible sourcing of feed materials, and the current Global GAP version 3.0 puts the target as follows:

  • Minimum 60% of marine ingredients should originate from responsibly managed fisheries.
  • Minimum 75% of soybean ingredients should originate from a responsibly managed source.

INVE even goes beyond these current targets as:

  • 87% of our marine ingredients (based on annual purchasing volume) originate from responsibly managed fisheries (MarinTrust, MSC, ASC, Friends of the Sea). And all our Fish meal and Fish oils used in our products are sustainably certified.
  • 100% of our soy ingredients originate from a responsibly managed source (Proterra, RTRS, CRS)
  • 100% of our palm oil originates from a responsibly managed source (RSPO)


Next, all raw materials and products have been non-GMO certified since 2019. We reached the MSC Chain of Custody Standard for our Artemia GSL cysts in October 2023.

The use of sustainably sourced ingredients is more than just a trend for INVE; it’s a commitment to the planet and its inhabitants. We create a more sustainable and ethical world by preserving ecosystems, reducing carbon footprints, empowering communities, and fostering innovation.

Read more about our sustainability actions.


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