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INVE Aquaculture’s Sanolife range is widely appreciated for offering the industry’s highest concentrated probiotics at the lowest application cost. We now further strengthen this reputation with the release of a significant novelty: a new and enhanced version of our successful feed probiotic for shrimp farming, Sanolife PRO-2.


Increased activity and efficiency

INVE Aquaculture’s innovation team has identified ways to improve the activity and efficiency of the Sanolife strains of Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis and Bacillus pumilus. These strains were selected for their ability to inhibit pathogens, be metabolically active in the shrimp gut and in the pond, and improve feed digestibility. The Bacillus strains for the new formulation were deposited in the Belgian LMG Culture Collection, which guarantees the unique composition, quality, performance and consistency of the product.

“The remarkably high Bacillus spore count (20 billion viable spores per g) now grants Sanolife PRO-2 the highest number of viable active Bacillus per USD invested.”

Olivier Decamp, Product Manager Shrimp Farm

Olivier Decamp


Developed together with farmers

Bringing its ‘Care for Growth’ philosophy into practice, INVE Aquaculture has developed this new probiotic in close collaboration with the industry. Feedback was gathered from farmers worldwide to match the new product to their challenges. Rearing trials and AHPND (EMS) challenge tests were conducted with farmers in Asia and Latin America, reliably demonstrating the ability of Sanolife PRO-2 to increase growth rate and survival while reducing FCR. The use of the enhanced Sanolife PRO-2 probiotic promises to lead to better profitability in shrimp farming, thus supporting INVE Aquaculture’s mission to support healthy business growth in aquaculture.


“Considering the renewed Vibrio and white faeces, this product gives farmers a powerful tool for holistic risk management in their operation.”

Olivier Decamp, Product Manager Shrimp Farm


New packaging labels and protocols

The release of the enhanced Sanolife PRO-2 probiotic coincides with the rebranding of INVE Aquaculture’s packaging labels, which will be introduced in the market as of September 2017. The product will also be integrated into renewed expert rearing protocols for different culture conditions, from semi-intensive to super-intensive shrimp farming. INVE Aquaculture’s local technical support teams will assist their customers to effectively benefit from its performance advantages.