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On December 10thand 11th the Aquaculture Wealth Magazine organized the “Chinese Shrimp Breeding Summit 2018” & “Award Ceremony for Contribution to Quality Shrimp Seed in China” in Tianjin. In recent years shrimp production has been on a steady rise in China’s North-East, especially along the Bohai Bay. Culture systems vary from low density, large pond – almost extensive – systems, to high density indoor operations with intensive feeding and management programs.

Top researchers from universities, the Chinese National Industrial & Technical Research Systems for Shrimp & Crab, the Chinese Academy of Marine Science and over 500 representatives from companies active in shrimp breeding, hatchery, nursery and farming participated in this forum. Major issues debated include the need for local development of good shrimp genetics, the status of diseases and a renewed thorough approach of overall biosecurity measurements.

INVE Aquaculture specialist Erik Van Ballaer, as one of the invited speakers, presented A Roadmap to PL Quality – a comprehensive outline of a holistic approach to shrimp post-larvae production that covers environment, nutrition & health management anchored in the principals and protocols of Benchmark’s Advanced Nutrition division.

During the 2-day conference Dr. Chai Yu’s INVE China Team in cooperation with our distributors gathered customers and interested parties at the INVE Aquaculture booth where our “Care for Growth” and “Shaping Aquaculture Together” messages were put into real practice. FRiPPAK larval diets and the Breed-SF broodstock diet are developing into genuine star products in the Chinese hatchery industry.

We hereby thank our entire INVE China team together with Erik and Alfredo for making this conference a great success and therewith increasing the pioneer position of INVE/Benchmark in the aquaculture industry in China.

The presentation A Roadmap to PL Quality is available on request in both the English and Chinese language.





英伟水产的技术支持总监Erik Van Ballaer受邀就“虾苗品质与标准化育苗技术”带来主题报告。在报告中,他客观地阐述了提高虾苗品质所必须遵循的,包括环境、营养和生物安全防控等环节的一整套操作规程;同时,他还强调,在种苗培育过程中,用特定营养添加的、高品质的人工配合饵料来替代鲜活饵料,是必然趋势,这不仅是生物安全防控的需要、也是提供特定营养的有效途径。