Natura pRo & ExL

Natura pRo & ExL

The revolutionary feedline that substitutes rotifers by at least 50%


  • Boosts fry survival, quality and performance
  • Simplifies the larval rearing process
  • Unleashes the potential of your hatchery


Marine fish larval rearing is complex and highly dependent on rotifers. Maintaining the required rotifer quantities and keeping consistent quality is still a big challenge.


In order to solve this challenge, we’ve developed a new feedline composed of 2 formulations; Natura pRo and ExL. Each formulation is available in 2 different sizes that seamlessly make rotifer substitution not only a possibility but a reality of at least 50%. This is due to its unique processing technique and selection of raw materials.

This solution empowers you as a hatchery to produce more with less, to increase predictability, simplify the process resulting in a new era in fish marine hatchery production.


Natura pRo and ExL is only available in the EMEA Region. For further information please contact us directly.

Increases predictability

Improves fry quality

Easy to use