Thalapure® Shrimp is an innovative, dry diatom product that is the perfect alternative to live algae in shrimp larviculture. Application in larval culture protocols is easy and straightforward and requires only minor adaptations to existing culture practices. Thalapure® Shrimp is easily rehydrated and can replace large volumes of live algae cultures. The rehydrated cells are intact, do not leach nutrients and have an excellent buoyancy. The nutritional profile is batch consistent and suits the requirements of larvae of the commonly cultured shrimp species. The product is free of marine pathogens and eliminates biosecurity risks that are often associated with live algae. Thalapure® Shrimp is airtight packaged in sachets of convenient size. Being a dry product no special infrastructure is required for prolonged storage at tropical conditions.

• Stable for prolonged periods in ambient tropical conditions
• User friendly for easy and fast preparation at the hatchery site
• Highly digestible cells of optimized and uniform size
• Comparable or better survival and growth of shrimp larvae
• Guaranteed high content of unsaturated fatty acids