Sanocare® FIT is a phytochemical mixture that has been engineered to enhance (post)larval robustness during culture. The product can be directly applied to the culture tank and will stimulate the production of Heat Shock Proteins, which constitute the first line defense mechanism of shrimp (post-)larvae. Suboptimal culture conditions (temperature, salinity, pH, toxins, etc.) but also exposure to pathogens can cause severe damage to the cellular proteins of the (post-)larvae, resulting in mortality. Heat Shock Proteins repair the damaged proteins and consequently, increase the animals’ chances to survive the stressful event. Therefore, the natural defense potential of the shrimp (post-)larvae can be exploited to the fullest with Sanocare® FIT and a pro-active attitude is adopted towards unpredictable setbacks.

During transportation, Sanocare® FIT acts as a Vibrio-suppressor and can be directly applied to the transport water. The plant extracts in Sanocare® FIT control the proliferation of Vibrio and other pathogenic bacteria in the transport water and the post-larvae. Simultaneously, transport induced stress of the post-larvae is limited during the transfer from the hatchery to the nursery or the farm. This gives the post-larvae the best start to continue further growth and limits the introduction of pathogens from the hatchery in the nursery or the farm.