Live feed

Live prey availability in terms of quantity and quality are fundamental for the success of fish and shrimp production.

INVE Aquaculture offers a wide and specialized range of top quality artemia cysts from sustainably harvested sources. Our vision is not to market artemia as a simple commodity, but as a range of advanced and innovative products with specific characteristics and treatment technologies to meet the highest productivity and biosecurity standards.

Some of our brands offer Great Salt Lake cysts. At Great Salt Lake, the Artemia cysts are carefully harvested and processed as a natural product. The environmental care, respect of stringent laws and focus on sustainable harvesting and management,  makes Great Salt Lake Artemia cysts unique and unbeatable as the best and most convenient live feed available in the rearing of top quality shrimp and fish in hatcheries worldwide.

With groundbreaking technological innovations, we continuously enhance the quality and ease-of-use of our artemia products for maximized output, biosecurity and efficiency.

Ask your INVE Aquaculture experts for advice on how to maximize your profits with the proven best balance between live feed and dry diets.