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INVE AQUACULTURE announces new technological innovations that will allow Artemia cysts to suppress vibrio growth and to hatch in the dark

INVE AQUACULTURE, Benchmark’s Advanced Nutrition division, has been the market leader in Artemia cyst products ever since it was founded in the early 80’s as a spin-off by researchers from the Artemia Reference Centre (ARC) at Gent University in Belgium. ARC was the first research institute that successfully developed standard hatching protocols for Artemia cysts and for their application as an adequate live feed in the early stages of crustacean and fish larviculture.

A vision on Artemia
A fundamental part of INVE Aquaculture’s success in commercializing Artemia cysts has always been the company’s vision not to market Artemia as a simple commodity, but to improve the cysts with patented technologies and to simplify their optimal use.

A reliable supply of consistently high-quality cysts being vital for any hatchery to achieve performant and robust juvenile production, INVE Aquaculture’s Artemia innovations are always aimed at maximizing output, biosecurity and efficiency in fish and shrimp hatchery operations.

New technologies for the most innovative Artemia portfolio
As a culmination of long-standing efforts in revolutionizing the sourcing, characterization, enrichment and ease-of-use of Artemia cysts, INVE Aquaculture now announces two additions to its set of Artemia technologies.  Including the already very successful SEP-Art concept, no less than three state-of-the-art enhancement technologies will now be available for INVE Aquaculture’s prime Artemia brands.


SEP-Art, the reference technology for easy separation

INVE Aquaculture’s patented SEP-Art technology provides a coating on the cysts, adding a new and unique feature to the shell: complete separation of the nauplii from the shell by means of a set of passive magnets. The result is a suspension of pure, clean and active nauplii, without shell material of any kind and without the use of bleach or other harmful substances.

SMArt, a new technology that allows cysts to hatch in the dark

One of the main concerns in achieving a consistent Artemia output is the cysts’ sensitivity to external factors such as light, temperature and storage. SMArt (Sensitivity Modified Artemia) is a new technology that allows the cysts to hatch in the dark, avoiding decreased hatching performance due to lower light exposure.

D-FENSE, a new built-in protection for the best hatchery biosecurity

D-FENSE is an additional process to the Artemia cysts, forming a specific coating that suppresses the growth of bacteria such as Vibrio sp during the hatching. This important bacterial reduction results in better larval survival, and reduced contamination risks.


By simplifying the process of harvesting high quality Artemia nauplii, all of these innovations again represent major milestones in improving hatchery performance, rationalizing manpower and resources and increasing the sustainability and environmental impact of the industry.

The availability of the product will be different per region, depending on the registrations.