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INVE Aquaculture releases a new larval fish diet, specially formulated for easy transition from live feed to compound diets.

INVE Aquaculture has been the preferred specialist and innovator in aquaculture hatchery nutrition since the 1980’s. We have based our successful feeds on a thorough understanding of the dynamics and complexity of the rearing process. 

To further support our customers in improving fry quality, performance and robustness, INVE Aquaculture now launches a new innovation, ‘Natura’, a new premium diet range for early-stage marine fish larvae. The product has been developed to simplify the weaning process. The new formulation provides key nutritional components, resulting in the superior commercial production of healthy and performant juveniles. 



To develop a diet of outstanding quality, INVE Aquaculture’s nutrition specialists found their inspiration from nature itself, dedicating special attention to key characteristics such as attractiveness, digestibility and nutrient balance. Combined with an adjusted and flexible feeding protocol, these aspects are the key to producing healthy and performant fry. For the initial stages of larval development, Natura is a floating, slowly sinking feed to obtain satisfactory feed acquisition and feed uptake. 


“The new Natura diets are available in 4 different sizes used from co-feeding to 

post-weaning. Larvae fed with Natura show superior acceptance of formulated feed.” 

Alessandro Moretti, Product Manager Fish Hatcheries

Development of the digestive tract 

At the initial stages of larval development when no functional stomach is present, fish larvae rely on cytosolic enzymes, later switching to brush border enzymes and pepsin production. The Natura diet range has been developed using carefully selected protein sources for the early stages of the fish larvae. Not only proteins of sustainable marine origin are used, but also adequate protein sources in hydrolyzed form to obtain the most optimal uptake of amino acids and peptides in the initial stages of larval development. This together with high quality n-3 HUFA inclusion promotes larval development, juvenile growth, survival and quality. 


“Feed digestibility is of great importance, especially at the initial stages

of larval development when the digestive tract is under development.” 

Alessandro Moretti , Product Manager Fish Hatcheries


Easy to use 

For optimal ease of use, Natura diets can be fed daily over multiple rations according to the larval age, fish density and water temperature. They are ideally supplemented with enriched rotifers and/or Artemia. INVE Aquaculture’s technical support teams will assist customers in setting up rearing protocols with Natura for specific fish species.