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INVE Aquaculture has successfully renewed its sales and marketing agreement with the Great Salt Lake Brine Shrimp Cooperative (GSL COOP). Under this 10-year agreement, we maintain our rights to distribute a substantial share of the GSL COOP’s harvest of artemia from the Great Salt Lake, Utah. This is still the world’s greatest source of brine shrimp for early-stage aquaculture nutrition. 

Long-term access secured

Historically, artemia supplied under the sales and marketing agreement with GSL COOP have represented approximately 60 per cent of INVE Aquaculture’s total artemia sales. The renewal of the agreement secures long-term access for our customers to the world’s top quality artemia. 

INVE's sales of artemia from the Great Salt Lake Generated revenues of £60 million in 2016.

New developments

Additionally, INVE Aquaculture has entered into a long-term distribution agreement with the GSL COOP for our current and future artemia-related products and technologies. We are developing a range of breakthrough artemia-related feed products, which are on track to be launched in early 2020.