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From 4 to 7 September 2017 INVE Aquaculture was noticeably present as a platinum sponsor of the 7th edition of LARVI, the fish and shellfish larviculture symposium hosted once every 4 years by the UGent Aquaculture R&D Consortium, the Laboratory of Aquaculture & Artemia Reference Center at Ghent University Belgium. This collaboration is the result of an organic partnership between both organizations through INVE Aquaculture’s founding father and ARC professor Patrick Sorgeloos.

The symposium brought together stakeholders from more than 50 countries to discuss the latest progress in both academic research and in aquaculture production. Several of the industry’s issues were identified and avenues for future collaboration explored.

As a central theme, the symposium revolved around the issue of ‘closing the life cycle of aquatic species of economic importance. The organizers stated that:

“Knowledge generated at interdisciplinary levels can further increase the success of the sector. The increasing participation from the private sector confirms the commitment of the farming sector to the importance of producing high-quality fry/postlarvae in a cost-effective way as determining factors in the success at harvesting the final product.”


As platinum sponsor to the symposium, INVE Aquaculture was present during the event with several well-received keynote presentations:

  • Isabel Represas: “Progress and trends in Mediterrean Marine Fish Hatcheries.”
  • Alessandro Moretti: “Fry morphological and non-morphological factors affecting Mediterranean fish quality.”
  • Roeland Wouters: “Advanced larval feeding protocols resulting in a reduction of Artemia cyst consumption without affecting the performance and quality of shrimp.”
  • Peter De Schrijver: “Microbial management in marine fish and crustacean hatcheries.”
  • Eva Bequé: “Alternative biosecurity concepts for living organisms entering marine hatcheries.”

Additionally, INVE Aquaculture hosted a customer dinner and closing banquet, and our newly developed product information brochures for fish and shrimp hatcheries and farms were presented in première to the symposium attendants.