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As INVE Aquaculture, part of Benchmark, marks its 40th anniversary, we reflect on our journey towards sustainability and innovation. Our contributions have made a lasting impact on the industry, and we’re excited to announce that we feed 1 out of 3 farmed shrimp worldwide.

Unique Combination

The key to this success comes from the unique combination of our offerings. Figures show that 1 out of 3 farmed shrimp relies on our Artemia or shrimp diets, or both, during the critical hatchery and nursery stages.

“Our Artemia solutions and shrimp diets provide excellent nutrition during the early life stages of shrimp and support robust and resilient shrimp production globally”

Says Eva Werbrouck, product manager of Shrimp formulated diets.

What makes our offer truly unique is the combination of our Artemia cysts, shrimp diets, probiotics, and health and environmental products that support farmers throughout the entire culture lifecycle. The variety of the products, the commitment to quality, and the ability to offer worldwide solutions for our customers make a difference.

Innovation at the forefront

INVE’s Artemia solutions and shrimp diets are known for their exceptional quality. We upgrade our Artemia cysts with innovative technologies and tools to increase user-friendliness and built-in protection for the best hatchery biosecurity. Our shrimp diets are designed to optimize production efficiencies, supporting the farmers, especially when culture conditions become challenging.

One of the most innovative technologies is our patented SEP-Art.

“The SEP-Art technology drastically improves live food quality, simplifies harvesting, maximizes output, reduces risks, and ensures sustainability, making it indispensable for modern hatchery practices”

Says Geert Rombaut, Product Manager Artemia and Live Food.

PL Quality

Recognizing the importance of post-larvae (PL) quality in successful shrimp farming, we develop solutions that help PLs reach their full potential throughout the production chain. Every day, our products and protocols prove their added value in hatcheries and nurseries worldwide.

Sustainability Commitment

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s a core principle. We are committed to responsible aquaculture practices that minimize the environmental footprint. Our efforts have led to certifications and innovations that set new standards in the industry.

Driving the future

AT INVE, we are not just part of the shrimp farming industry but actively shaping its future. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation, combined with the expertise of our R&D centers and our technical support department, sets us apart. Together with our customers, we are making a meaningful impact on responsible aquaculture. We care for growth together.

Are you interested in learning more about our shrimp farming solutions? Visit our website for comprehensive information on our products and their benefits for your business.