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Specialist knowledge about aquaculture’s key live feed, Artemia, can now be found in one place online, without registration and free of charge.

INVE Aquaculture, part of Benchmark, today launched a new web-based service dedicated to the sharing of information and expertise about the most widely used live feed in the aquaculture sector, Artemia.

Now live at this hub is ideal for hatchery managers, researchers and newcomers wanting to understand everything from the fundamentals of Artemia culture to advances in Artemia technology and how to effectively benefit from its use in aquaculture.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of this new knowledge hub” said Kristel De Schutter, INVE’s Marketing Manager, “It provides information on best practices related to hatching, commercial applications, latest scientific findings and advanced solutions and has been created to support hatchery owners and managers, but also as a single location for others who are generally interested in this unique resource”

Shaping aquaculture together
Over the past 37 years, INVE has promoted a strong collaboration with its partners and grown ever closer to customers and stakeholders in aquaculture nutrition to turn innovation into practical solutions. INVE supports clients through all stages of their production through expert advice on advanced aquaculture practices, technology supported by high-level research and product/protocol demonstrations. The new Artemia knowledge hub is testament to the company’s collaborative strategy by contributing to a better understanding of Artemia’s potential as a live feed and by sharing insights into technologies and tools that help to maximize efficiency and Return on Investment (ROI).

“Our approach has always been to work closely with researchers and users of our products and solutions.”, says Geert Rombaut, INVE’s Artemia Specialist “This platform is a natural extension of our way of working, helping to fill the gap between knowledge and practical application. We have an incredible history in Artemia and we’re constantly looking for new ways to share our insights, know-how and experience. We’re looking forward to building on this platform to support the market going forward.”

“For now, the website is available in English but we will be launching new, native-language versions in due course. The hub will be constantly updated with new findings, news, tips and tricks on Artemia.”