Texcumar S.A., a reproduction and breeding center for shrimp, started working in 1999 with the objective of contributing to the development of the Ecuadorian shrimp industry. Located in San Pablo, Cantón Santa Elena, Province of Guayas, Ecuador, since 1999 Texcumar is dedicated to the reproduction and maturation of shrimp in captivity. In 2003, Texcumar S.A. was acquired by Ing. Rafael Verduga R. who carried out a reengineering in terms of productive and administrative processes that have made Texcumar the main maturation expert in Ecuador with a recognized name in the market.

Largest capacity in Ecuador

Texcumar has the largest installed capacity for naupli production in Ecuador, 160 million Nauplios per day in two facilities. This allows it to produce with the strictest processes of mass selection in a closed cycle, based on parameters of reproduction, growth, survival and disease resistance. Analysis for IHHNV is carried out in the company’s own laboratories.