Onaway Industries

Saji Chacko is regarded by many of his colleagues in Indian aquaculture as a source of inspiration when it comes to pioneering with new ideas and culture methods. Continuously reinventing himself – and very often succeeding at it – is one of the things that identify him as a businessman. One small example is his recent decision to invest $ 30.000 in lining all of his farm ponds and earning the investment back with one very successful crop.

First to commercially farm P. vannamei in India

Inspired in the late nineties by the efforts and trials of Dr. B. Masthan Rao to introduce P. vannamei in India as a more disease resistant alternative to P. monodon, Saji Chacko’s company Onaway Industries was the first farm in India to receive a government license for commercial-scale white shrimp production. In the years to come, Onaway Industries received various awards for excellence issued by the Ministry.