Manit Farm

Originally founded as a shrimp company by Mr. Manit and Mrs. Wipa Leungnarumitchai in the seventies, Manit Farm – which today is still a family-owned company – diversified into tilapia about 25 years ago. It soon established itself with a solid reputation for producing high-quality fry. The ambition to do ever better resulted in the set-up of a large-scale genetic selection program, that now is a leading example for the entire industry.

Genetic strains for improved profitability

Through an intensive family-based genetic selection program, Manit Farm actively works on improving numerous variables in the animals’ health and performance. Growth, robustness, taste and meat quality are only some of the targeted enhancement factors. All animals produced in Manit Farm’s genetic center are tested in grow-out operations under different conditions and closely monitored to bring maximal continuity in the improvement curve that comes with each generation.