As an integrated food production company, Çamli Yem Besicilik (Part of Yasar Group) aims to guarantee the quality and traceability of its products by controlling the entire value chain. For the aquaculture division, this means addressing all critical success factors in the production of quality bass and bream, from the hatchery until the moment the fish is on the consumer’s table.

On top of strict management and control in Çamli’s hatcheries, pre-fattening and fattening cages, the company realized very early on that healthy nutrition was a highly determining factor for the quality and value of the cultured fish. For this reason, from 1987 on Çamli invested in its own feed production.

Today the Çamli feed mill supplies bass and bream feed to the company’s own farming facilities of Turkey’s Aegean coast. The same feeds, as well as feed products for other species, are also sold to the majority of the Turkish aquaculture industry and exported to a number countries throughout Europe and the Middle East. Just like in many other fields of expertise, Çamli wants to lead the way in establishing healthy nutrition policies. This way the company contributes to an ever improving quality perception of farmed fish from Turkey and the entire Mediterranean.