Çamli Yem Besicilik was established as part of Yasar Group’s philosophy of integrating agriculture and aquaculture into one business. Covering areas from feed production, turkey and bovine breeding to fish production and processing, Çamli is now one of Turkey’s 500 leading industrial enterprises.

Çamli’s sea food plant, established in 1985 in Çeşme, near Izmir, is the pioneer of modern and integrated fish production in Turkey. It was the first plant in Aegean coastal waters and a true source of inspiration for aquaculture businesses in the entire Mediterranean area.

With a production capacity of 7.000 tons of bass and bream and 74 million fry, Çamli does not aim to be Turkey’s n° 1 producer in terms of quantity. But it does still adhere to the deeply rooted company culture of ‘being first’. Based on this pioneering attitude, Çamli has brought many innovations to Turkish aquaculture, such as the first integrated farming installation in 1985, the first fish feed production in 1987, the first off-shore cage system in 2001, the first organic feed in 2008 and the first branded farmed fish (under the Pinar Balik brand) in 2008.