Our client Biogemar is company that strongly believes in producing shrimp nauplii and larvae using responsible production strategies. The company applies the highest quality standards and modern concepts of biotechnology and molecular genetics to improve and preserve the quality of Ecuadorian shrimp. Just like INVE Aquaculture, Biogemar is convinced that sharing knowledge can support the technological advancement of both the national and international aquaculture industry. Working together with national and foreign scientific groups, Biogemar makes the results of its scientific research available to the Ecuadorian shrimp sector.

The importance of early-stage nutition

One more thing we share between Biogemar and INVE Aquaculture, is the attention we dedicate to early-stage nutrition. To produce strong, healthy and performing animals, Biogemar’s owner Walter Intriago Diaz has specialized in optimizing algiculture. For other strategic hatchery nutrition protocols, he relies on INVE Aquaculture.