Acqua Azzurra (1)

Just outside the tiny village of Pachino, Sicily, Acqua Azzurra runs an integrated production of sea bass and sea bream. While the company’s faming activities are mainly directed towards the domestic Italian market, Acqua Azzurra’s fry are in demand on several nearby export markets such as Malta, Albania, Croatia and Tunisia.

This widely recognized quality image of the fry is undoubtedly related to the immense attention to detail that typifies Acqua Azzurra’s hatchery operations. Manager Aldo Russo oversees a team of skilled hatchery technicians who meticulously apply every single prescribed protocol. Hygiene, microbial management, eco-compatibility of the sectors and hyper-controlled feeding regimes result in a hatchery that runs like a well-oiled machine. The commitment and experience of the staff, together with the time and effort spent on optimizing water temperature, stocking densities and nutrition protocols, translate into solid results.