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Advanced science and technology bring added value to the aquaculture industry

On October 10th, the Kunpeng Forum, the 4th China Aquatic Feed Development Forum 2021, opened at the Qingdao Haitian Hotel. The conference brings together the latest applied technology in high-value aquaculture feed to promote the sustainable development of the aquaculture feed industry.

The conference attracted around 500 domestic and foreign aquatic feed companies as well as academia elite and nearly 10,000 people watching online.

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After careful evaluation by experts and peers, INVE Aquaculture’s product line ‘Microcapsule Feed – FRiPPAK series’ won the “Favorite Aquatic Feed 2021 Award”. INVE Aquaculture microcapsule feed minimizes nutrient loss and has a leading position in the global market.

Worldwide, INVE Aquaculture is well recognized as a pioneer of aquaculture feeds with growing reputation in the domestic market.

Thank you to the jury and organizers of the event, and thank you to our amazing team in China for the hard work!

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