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SSP and Partners Launch Revolutionary Shrimp Hatchery Scale Up Programme in Ecuador

We have reached an important milestone in our journey towards sustainable aquaculture and responsible shrimp farming. In collaboration with the Sustainable Shrimp Partnership (SSP) and the National Chamber of Aquaculture (CNA), INVE Aquaculture proudly communicates the new Scale Up Programme for Shrimp Hatcheries from SSP.

This significant program was officially presented on February 28th at AquaExpo Santa Elena and aims to redefine shrimp hatchery management standards, focusing on sustainability, biosecurity, and reducing environmental impacts.

This program is not just about elevating the shrimp aquaculture sector; it’s about setting a precedent for responsible practices across the entire production chain. By providing hatcheries with the tools and guidance necessary for implementing accountable and efficient practices, we are fostering a culture of transparency and sustainability that benefits everyone – from hatchery to table.

Developing the technical Guide for the Sustainability of Shrimp Hatcheries, the first in Ecuador shows the country’s efforts to establish a comprehensive framework for sustainable larvae production. This initiative highlights our role as global leaders in responsible shrimp production and demonstrates our commitment to meeting the increasingly sustainability-conscious demands of consumers worldwide.

Join us in celebrating this significant achievement and learn more about the ScaleUp Programme’s objectives, the importance of the technical guide, and how INVE Aquaculture, alongside our esteemed partners, is paving the way for a more sustainable and responsible future in shrimp farming.

For further details on this pioneering program, please get in touch with visit the SSP’s website and get in touch with

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