Easy Dry Selco® (EDS)

The new, complete and smart approach to rotifer and Artemia enrichment. 

new enrichment strategies with lasting benefits at the farm gate

Developed by INVE Aquaculture

Marine fish farming needs to look for continuous improvements to keep profitability and sustainability high. Hatcheries who want to meet the demands of today’s stringent requirements in grow-out, will need to rely on long-term solutions that are especially developed to support superior juvenile quality.

In that respect, specialists at INVE Aquaculture see a clear and direct relation between optimized hatchery protocols and the animals’ performance, growth and survival at the farm gate. With the development of Easy Dry Selco®, a brand-new enrichment formulation, INVE researchers have now proven that lasting positive effects can already be induced in the first month of the life cycle. 


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  • Evaluation of the enrichment
  • Dispersion in the water
  • Avoiding live food starvation
  • Rotifer enrichment protocols
  • Artemia enrichment protocols

    Simple and reliable as it is, EDS provides the most complete and economic enrichment for rotifer and Artemia production.
    Alessandro Moretti, Product Manager Fish Hatchery

    Everything your nauplii need

    EDS (Easy Dry Selco® ) boosts rotifers and Artemia with key natural ingredients such as fats, proteins and vitamins, turning it into a very functional enrichment.

    Better live feed, stronger fry

    Being a not-only-fat enrichment and because it is rich in proteins, EDS is suitable for fast growing marine fish larvae with special attention to fry quality and robustness.

    Easy to use

    Simple, economic and reliable as it is, EDS Easy Dry Selco® can be used in the traditional way after harvesting, or directly into the culture tank.


    Prior to its market release EDS has been intensively tested during lab and commercial-scale trials. All trials showed improved growth and survival rates during the early stages (rotifer feeding period).

    Advantages of EDS over
    alternative enrichments

    Tests have shown that enriching rotifers and Artemia with EDS can trigger the immune system of the fish larvae in very early stages (even before 28 dph) with visible effects at 56 dph. This is the first time ever that this unique effect has been scientifically reported at such an early stage.


    A significant increase of IL-1β, TNF-α and COX-2 levels mean that the fry are better prepared to fight against inflammation and pathogen threats.


    Improved growth and survival was reported during the early stages (rotifer feeding period).

    Growth EDS SeabreamEDS Graph - Survival rate


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