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INVE Aquaculture – Benchmark’s Advanced Nutrition – expands its enrichment portfolio with new product, Easy Dry Selco® (EDS)

An all-in-one rotifer and Artemia enrichment

As a recognized reference and innovator in fish hatchery culture, INVE Aquaculture, part of Benchmark, has always dedicated special attention to early-stage nutrition to increase survivability and performance of marine fish and shrimp. INVE offers a range of liquid and dry enrichment products that support the development of healthy and performing fry by optimizing the nutritional value of live feed such as rotifers and Artemia.

As a result of the continuous technical development of new products and protocols, INVE has now expanded their enrichment portfolio with a brand-new formulation: Easy Dry Selco®.

Easy Dry Selco®, a new, complete and smart approach to live feed enrichment

EDS is a dry enrichment with a formulation that boosts rotifers and Artemia with balanced levels of fats, proteins, vitamins, key minerals, immuno-stimulants, essential amino acids and flavonoids, turning live-feed into a very functional enrichment.

Because it adds a lot more than just lipids content to the live feed, the protein-rich formula of EDS is specifically suitable for fast growing marine fish larvae and completes the nutritional balance of the early-stage fish feed, optimizing fry quality and robustness.


“Simple and reliable as it is, EDS provides the most advanced, complete

and cost effective enrichment for rotifer and Artemia production.”

Alessandro Moretti, Product Manager Fish Hatchery


How to use

Easy Dry Selco® can be used in the traditional way after harvesting, or directly into  the culture tank. Rotifers Enrichment is finalized in 6-9 hours. For Artemia, INVE Aquaculture recommends harvesting 18-22 hours after the start of the enrichment