As a pioneer in the aquaculture industry,
INVE has always been about enabling

The healthy growth of fish and shrimp, the growth of our clients’ local businesses and the growth of global aquaculture as a whole. We support hatcheries and farms worldwide with concepts, best practices and technologies that improve their bottom line.


Our solutions cover three advanced fields of expertise, which should be deployed at specific stages throughout the aquaculture lifecycle. In this way, we maximize the added value of our products.


Feed quality in the broodstock and larval stages has long lasting benefits


Microbial management is a must from hatchery to harvest


Living conditions of the cultured animals need to be carefully controlled



Effective nutrition and health management in a secure environment improves spawning, egg production and larval quality.


Specialized care in the first life stages optimizes the animal’s health and robustness, survival growth.


Fry and post-larvae need to be optimally prepared for for healthy, well-balanced and cost-effective growth.


to harvest requires solid risk prevention to eliminate threats such as disease, reduced growth rate and mortality.

Our Philosophy


Aquaculture can only prosper where knowledge and entrepreneurship meet. That has always been our philosophy. In order to make this vision come true, INVE Aquaculture builds its activities on two main pillars: continuous research to create new possibilities, and close relations with our customers to turn these possibilities into reality.

Committed to the future of aquaculture

INVE Aquaculture has a very strong commitment towards the future development of the aquaculture industry, and we strongly believe that the only way to shape this future is to do it in close collaboration and partnership with the market. Creating awareness on feed conversion, end product quality and microbial management, we aim to set ever new standards for success in rearing aquaculture species.

We actively participate in leading aquaculture events around the world and are proud to be a founding member of important organizations such as the World Aquaculture Society, the Global Aquaculture Alliance and the European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform (EATiP).



Since 2015 INVE Aquaculture has become part of Benchmark Holdings, market leader in the supply of applied biotechnology and knowledge transfer to businesses in aquaculture and agriculture related industries. Together we offer the most complete nutrition and health portfolio in the market, supporting our customers in taking better care throughout the culture lifecycle.