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Animals are most likely to thrive when their living conditions are stable, healthy and uncompromised by harmful substances and germs. INVE Aquaculture offers the right solutions to keep conditions under control in any circumstance: pond bottom management, water cleansing, microbial and algal management, biofilm control… All of our products come with expert advice to ensure the correct application for an optimal result.

  • Algal substitute

    Algae are fundamental to the first larval rearing of marine fish species. However, they are often a bottleneck in production and lack cost-effectiveness. The use of algal substitute in larval fish tanks improves the water characteristics by simulating the live algae in an easy-to-use and cost-effective way. This keeps water quality parameters optimal and helps light management in the tank, avoiding larval stress and whirling. Our advanced product ranges such as GWS are globally recognized for their effectiveness.

  • Soil treatment

    Natural fertilizers can enhance theproduction of favorable micro-algal speciesand oxidize the pond bottom. Our expertswill advise you on the adequate use of ourproducts for healthy and sustainable fishand shrimp farming. Our advanced productranges such as Sanolife are globallyrecognized for their effectiveness.

  • Water treatment

    Our highly performing microbial mixture for fish and shrimp rearing colonize the culture water and digestive tract of the animals with favorable bacteria. Our safe and effective disinfectants and virucides have been tested and proven effective against a wide range of aquaculture pathogens. And our natural ammonia fixating mixes improve water quality. Our advanced product ranges such as Sanolife and Sanocare are globally recognized for their effectiveness.