Ask farmers around the world what makes INVE Aquaculture special and they all give the same answer: INVE Aquaculture understands my concerns. Whenever we visit our clients – and we do so as often as we can – we listen and observe. What are their issues or concerns? What bottlenecks can we detect in their production performance? And what solutions can we propose? This is what sets us apart from the competition: no off-the-shelf sales approach, but expert advice based on the thorough understanding of each individual case.


We have formalized our philosophy of close collaboration and partnership in 6 clear commitments to our customers.

    We aim to be the best at everything we do.

    INVE Aquaculture has a reputation we can be proud of. Our challenge is to uphold this reputation for being a quality reference in the market.

    Top-level products
    Whenever we introduce a new product in the market, our ambition is to obtain top performance, better than the second best in the same segment.

    Consistent quality
    We are recognized for the consistency of our product quality. This is something that really sets us apart.

    Expert advice
    Our people make the difference: they are knowledgeable and committed business partners who always have new insights to share.

    We step out of our comfort zone.

    INVE Aquaculture wouldn’t have come this far if it hadn’t been for our pioneering spirit. It is up to us to keep on innovating and embrace change as a chance to improve. Every new story inspires us as an opportunity to learn. Every new challenge motivates us to overcome the hurdle.

    We are close to our customers.

    Our technology is at the forefront of our industry, with our people right there next to the farmers. This desire has always driven us to work closely with our customers. Directly or through our distribution and retail chain, we are always there for our clients with inspiration, information and expert advice.

    We roll up our sleeves.

    Our company has a scientific background, but this does not mean we hide in a laboratory or behind a computer screen. We get proven results in hatcheries and farms, leading our clients to measurable growth. Seeing is believing: yet another golden rule in aquaculture!

    We break new ground.

    Throughout the history of aquaculture, INVE Aquaculture has been there whenever a new idea or concept changed the face of our industry. We will continue to be a recognized innovator based on our knowledge of aquatic life and our understanding of our clients’ needs.

    We share what’s going on in our world.

    Working closely together with ambitious aquaculture entrepreneurs worldwide, INVE Aquaculture is a privileged witness to many successes, innovations and breakthroughs with regards to products, techniques, species and developments that help to improve breeding results. We share our insights and experiences with you, so you can benefit from them in your business environment.


The very essence of what we do for our customers is to turn advanced technological knowledge into a solid boost for their business. By translating scientific progress into practical tools and protocols, our expertise can add tangible value to any aquaculture business.