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Read more about our long history and pioneering role in the aquaculture industry.


Discover our range of nutrition and health products for hatcheries and farms.


Find out how innovation has always been at the core of our activities.


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Anniversary 2013 marks INVE Aquaculture's 30th anniversary, no small feat in today's economic climate. As one of the true aquaculture pioneers, we are extremely proud of this milestone as we have always strived to innovate the industry and to offer the highest quality products to our customers.

With headquarters in Belgium, production facilities in Thailand and regional offices and test centres across
the world, we are able to use our global range to effectively reach out to our customers worldwide. This,
combined with an elaborate amount of service and support is what makes us truly unique in the market.



With this slogan, we want to stress our firm belief that the only way to shape the future of aquaculture is by building and maintaining a strong, close relationship with our partners and, most importantly, our customers. This, together with a complete, performing product portfolio is what makes us truly unique in today’s market.

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